Romance, dreams and violets

Imagine being surrounded by turmoil but refusing to give up on love and on your dreams...step into the world of Vivienne Sabó. Vivienne lived in Paris in the 1930s, during a time of elegance and high fashion. In her sacred diary, she wrote down her dreams of starting her own makeup line and creating a career out of her passion for beauty. She was consumed by her vision to make life more beautiful.
Vivienne’s career and romance collided when she and her fellow student, Louis began to create amazing beauty formulas together.  Together they would have had a bright future as a beauty icon had it not been for the war.
World War II broke out in 1940 and Louis joined the resistance. Before he left, he gave his darling Vivienne a pot of violets to remember him by. Weeks without word from Vivienne's beloved Louis. One day the pot of Louis's flowers inexplicably wilted; a week later Vivienne received the news that Louis had been killed in action.
Heartbroken, Vivienne slipped away. She was never heard from again, her name one of many lost in the upheaval of post-war Europe. Though her love story did not continue and her makeup desires did not come to reality, her diary was found years later and her aspirational brand was eventually born. Her vision and creative formulas were written down in that diary and transformed into modern day products. In her diary we rediscover a story of dreams and passion, and the eternity of love and faith.  
The history of Vivienne’s beautiful love has inspired us to create this brand filled with romance and genuine Parisian femininity!