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How to apply mascara like a French girl

Bonjour, beauties! We’ve all been there—the goopy mess, the smudges, lashes sticking together in a way that’s not at all chic. Sacré bleu! Even though we’ve got the perfect classic mascara, it still takes some savoir-faire to get the effortless, Brigitte Bardot-level lashes of our dreams.

Consider this your ultimate 2-minute guide to applying mascara for flawless lash separation, a full lash line, deep black color, and false-lash effect length. Are you ready? Allons-y!

Step 1: Curl.

Use a lash curler to achieve a flirty shape and sumptuous volume—before applying mascara! Far too many of us have made the tragic faux pas of curling lashes already laden with product, resulting in unfortunate lash damage. Instead, use your curler only when your lashes are still au naturel. Start by pinching them lightly at the roots for an instant, subtle lift, and then curl at the midpoint.

Step 2: Twirl.

Delicately twirl the wand inside the bottle to fully coat each bristle for an even application. And be careful, ma chérie: don’t pull the wand in and out of the bottle to get more product. This leads to air getting inside, which will dry out your mascara faster and shorten its shelf-life.

Step 3: Dab.

Pssst, this is the French-girl secret to clump-free mascara, and it’s surprisingly simple: Gently dab your wand on a clean tissue to remove any excess product. Au revoir sticky lashes!

Step 4: Wiggle & Sweep. 

Place the wand at the base of your lashes and lightly wiggle the wand so that the mascara coats around each lash follicle to create the appearance of a full lash line. Then, flick your wrist to sweep the brush upward to the ends of your lashes for endless length. Et voila! Wiggle – sweep – done.

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September 21, 2020
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  Ah. Close your eyes. The scent of a rose petals wafts gently through the air, lilting classical music is playing softly, you’re lying on a cloud-like cotton sheet… Imagine designating a few days a month just to relax, decompress, and revitalize. You’d head to a day spa, schedule a massage, or create your own at-home spa atmosphere—an afternoon par excellence. The French have realized that taming stress and prioritizing relaxation shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for those who don’t lead busy lives, rather it should be a necessity for every woman. After all, the benefits of real, guilt-free relaxation have lasting effects on our physical and mental health, which in turn, encourages healthy, beautiful skin and hair. Beauty must be inside and out. Read on for the best tips for relaxation à la française: Disconnect Daily Even the busiest woman should make time to unplug, every day. This can be as simple as taking a screen-free lunch. Put down the phone and step away from your computer. Find a quiet space to truly savor your meal, whether it’s with friends or alone. Bon appetit.   Opt for a French Massage French women are particularly fond of two types of massage. The first is pincement de jaquet, a facial massage that doesn’t require any cream or oils, and involves pinching the skin gently between the thumb and forefinger to tone and stimulate the skin for an instantly glowy complexion. The second is palpe rouler, a body massage that consists of squeezing and rolling muscle and skin; this massage dramatically improves lymphatic draining and smooths the appearance of cellulite.   Treat Yourself to a Day-Spa & Facial It’s a common practice for the average French woman to get their favorite facial a few times a month. And, whenever they need to decompress more fully, they book time at their local day spa.   Create a Personalized, Cozy Spa at Home If you can’t make it to a spa, there are some simple ways to create your very own sensual, relaxing atmosphere right at home. Draw a warm bath, close your doors, and sink into calm.   Scent. Start by infusing your bathroom with your favorite relaxing scent, like lavender, vanilla, or floral. Use a heating oil diffuser or light candles to fill your space. Then mix a few drops of the matching essential oil into a bath or a luxurious body cream to allow the scent to permeate the space. Mood lighting. Close your blinds and dim the overhead lights—or rely solely on candlelight—to create a space that soothes stress and fosters calm. Sound. Play quiet music that you like. Any music will do, as long as you feel transported and relaxed when you hear it. Taste. Finally, lower yourself into your bath with a glass of red wine, a teacup of steaming herbal tea, or a tall glass of ice water. Hmmmm, we feel more relaxed already. Et toi?

Our Story
July 20, 2020
Our Story

Imagine being surrounded by turmoil but refusing to give up on love and on your dreams...step into the world of Vivienne Sabó. Vivienne lived in Paris in the 1930s, during a time of elegance and high fashion. In her sacred diary, she wrote down her dreams of starting her own makeup line and creating a career out of her passion for beauty. She was consumed by her vision to make life more beautiful. Vivienne’s career and romance collided when she and her fellow student, Louis began to create amazing beauty formulas together.  Together they would have had a bright future as a beauty icon had it not been for the war. World War II broke out in 1940 and Louis joined the resistance. Before he left, he gave his darling Vivienne a pot of violets to remember him by. Weeks without word from Vivienne's beloved Louis. One day the pot of Louis's flowers inexplicably wilted; a week later Vivienne received the news that Louis had been killed in action. Heartbroken, Vivienne slipped away. She was never heard from again, her name one of many lost in the upheaval of post-war Europe. Though her love story did not continue and her makeup desires did not come to reality, her diary was found years later and her aspirational brand was eventually born. Her vision and creative formulas were written down in that diary and transformed into modern day products. In her diary we rediscover a story of dreams and passion, and the eternity of love and faith.  The history of Vivienne’s beautiful love has inspired us to create this brand filled with romance and genuine Parisian femininity!

This French Mascara became one of the best-selling Mascaras on Amazon
July 29, 2019
This French Mascara became one of the best-selling Mascaras on Amazon

"It is absolutely the best single cosmetic product I have ever used." Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. In case you didn't know, Amazon shoppers take their mascara purchases very seriously. The top five best-selling tubes right now have accumulated over 16,000 reviews combined, all from people letting you know exactly why their beloved lash products are the absolute best. While the retail giant's best-sellers usually stay more or less the same, with the Essence False Lash Effect Mascara taking the reign in the number one spot and drugstore favorites from L'Oreal, Maybelline, and Covergirl trailing closely behind, once in a while an unexpected product will become a new favorite. That's exactly what happened with Vivenne Sabo's Cabaret Premiere mascara, which made its way to the number two best-selling spot overnight. While it's not a household name, the French mascara isn't completely unknown — it has over 1,000 five-star reviews from customers and remains in Amazon's top 100 overall best-selling beauty products. The mascara promises to "transform your ordinary into ooh-la-la" by providing defined, voluminous lashes "with just one coat." Its lightweight formulation provides a natural look, no clumping or flaking, and makes it super easy to remove. Even customers who have tried numerous mascaras say Cabaret Premiere has become their new go-to. To buy: $12; "I have thick but short lashes, and in the past I have been a huge fan of L'Oreal Voluminous and Butterfly Effect, Maybelline Lash Sensation, Dior DiorShow, Too Faced Better Than Sex, and Bare Minerals Lash Domination. So, it's safe to say that I have been looking for the right balance of cost and high performance product. This mascara is it. I love the way my lashes look and feel after one or two coats," wrote one shopper. "The brush is covered in mini-bristles that separate as you apply, and the formula is not sticky or stiff, minimal clumping, and washes off easily. The price is closer to drug store brands, which means I can purchase as often as I like, but the performance is high quality. It gives me results that are a cross between the Butterfly Effect and Lash Domination, for length, definition, and volume — which I love, so this has become my go-to for daily looks." While it's not waterproof, shoppers say it doesn't smudge, even through humidity, crying, and the rain ("I've definitely used eye drops, shed a tear, and gotten stuck in the rain without it smudging or running down my face"). One self-proclaimed mascara snob even said Cabaret Premiere is the "best single cosmetic product" she has ever used. "First I will say that I am a total mascara snob, I do not go ANYWHERE without mascara on. I have used Lancôme for 20+ years and any time I found the ‘next greatest' mascara and tried it I was so disappointed. I read lots of reviews and could hardly believe that THIS product could be this amazing. I was so wrong! The first time I tried it my lashes looked amazing," she wrote. "I have long and very thick lashes so many mascaras clump the lashes together, even my beloved Lancôme. The ones that do not clump do not seem to produce any noticeable results. This mascara not only gave perfect coverage from root to tip, it is a perfect level of thickness. There is NO CLUMPING! It is absolutely the best single cosmetic product I have ever used." Plus, you can snag a tube for just $12 (everything in Vivienne Sabo's collection on Amazon  is under $20) — a great deal for getting those long-lasting, "ooh-la-la" lashes.   Buy now