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How to apply mascara like a French girl

Bonjour, beauties! We’ve all been there—the goopy mess, the smudges, lashes sticking together in a way that’s not at all chic. Sacré bleu! Even though we’ve got the perfect classic mascara, it still takes some savoir-faire to get the effortless, Brigitte Bardot-level lashes of our dreams.

Consider this your ultimate 2-minute guide to applying mascara for flawless lash separation, a full lash line, deep black color, and false-lash effect length. Are you ready? Allons-y!

Step 1: Curl.

Use a lash curler to achieve a flirty shape and sumptuous volume—before applying mascara! Far too many of us have made the tragic faux pas of curling lashes already laden with product, resulting in unfortunate lash damage. Instead, use your curler only when your lashes are still au naturel. Start by pinching them lightly at the roots for an instant, subtle lift, and then curl at the midpoint.

Step 2: Twirl.

Delicately twirl the wand inside the bottle to fully coat each bristle for an even application. And be careful, ma chérie: don’t pull the wand in and out of the bottle to get more product. This leads to air getting inside, which will dry out your mascara faster and shorten its shelf-life.

Step 3: Dab.

Pssst, this is the French-girl secret to clump-free mascara, and it’s surprisingly simple: Gently dab your wand on a clean tissue to remove any excess product. Au revoir sticky lashes!

Step 4: Wiggle & Sweep. 

Place the wand at the base of your lashes and lightly wiggle the wand so that the mascara coats around each lash follicle to create the appearance of a full lash line. Then, flick your wrist to sweep the brush upward to the ends of your lashes for endless length. Et voila! Wiggle – sweep – done.

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